Primary Services of the Utah Red Cross

The Utah Red Cross is one of the more exceptional branches of this great organization, because it provides various important services to meet the needs of others. For example, their youth service programs are great because they help today's kids to gain a better appreciation for emergency service personnel, and life-saving techniques. Additionally, they provide incredible military services. These services include keeping families connected, and assisting wounded warriors. Often, military families struggle to keep in touch when part of the family is located within a war zone. The Red Cross intervenes to help them to communicate. Travel assistance is given to military families as well.

Blood collection services are an important aspect of the Utah Red Cross mission. This collection of blood helps to save the lives of people all over the state of Utah because it is distributed to all of the hospitals in the area. Traumatic injuries often cause a person to lose vast amounts of blood quite quickly. A blood transfusion is the only course of action to save people who have injuries to this extent. Blood services go beyond the donation and collection stages, however. They also require Red Cross personnel to actively search for donors. This means that they promote their need for blood donations at school and work events, and in other public areas.

Sometimes the Utah Red Cross must provide temporary shelter for storm victims. Winter storms can be just as deadly as tropical storms due to heavy snow and wind, in addition to freezing temperatures. Homeless people die on the streets if they do not have a place to seek refuge. The Red Cross sets up temporary shelters to keep people warm under these circumstances. Tornadoes and flooding also wreak havoc on the lives of others. These natural disasters leave people with no belongings, so they must have assistance in order to survive. The Utah Red Cross continues to set the standard for other organizations to follow. They show love and compassion for people who have run out of options, and they exemplify what it means to care for the public's well being.