Red Cross Supply Options

One of the more important roles that the American Red Cross serves, is to provide useful supplies for training and emergency purposes. If you own a business, and you wish to train your employees about how to handle certain medical emergencies, then you will need to have the supplies to do so. This is especially important for people who work in jobs where it is hard to get medical help. A prime example is oil rig workers. In order to prevent the loss of life, fellow colleagues must know what actions to take in order to help a co-worker to survive until additional help arrives.

Manikins are used in a variety of ways. They are used to simulate drowning situations, heart attacks, and diabetic shock, for example. These tools are important because they enable the trainee to implement a more hands-on approach to learning how to perform CPR and other life-saving techniques. It might not be possible or ethical to practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an actual person, and the entire process might deter some people from learning this important maneuver. The manikin offers a sanitary way to do this, and it eliminates the awkwardness as well. The Red Cross offers temporary mouth guards to prevent the spread of germs during training sessions.

First aid kits are a popular-selling supply. A first aid kit has all of the things that you need to keep someone alive if they are bleeding. Tourniquets are included to apply pressure to stop the steady flow of blood from an open wound. Gauze, cold packs, and other compression bandages, help to reduce swelling and bleeding in a person. Other packs include fluid spill packs. These packs allow you to clean up toxic fluids without running the risk of harming yourself or others during the clean-up process.

Pocket masks and gloves are equally popular supplies that people purchase from the Red Cross. Masks allow you to work with an injured person without contracting diseases through the mouth. They are small and easily accessible during a time of need. In other instances, they help the responders to eliminate smoke inhalation during natural disasters like wildfires. Gloves come with many of the pocket masks to prevent burns, cuts, and contamination. Self safety is a critical aspect to helping others, and the Red Cross makes sure that volunteers remain healthy while on the job.