Red Cross Career Choices

Anyone who is interested in helping others understands the joy that comes from seeing someone succeed and feel better about themselves due to the compassion that they show. The American Red Cross is a group that is dedicated to serving people across a variety of platforms. They work to help people to recover after disasters, and they help military personnel and their families as well. Although Red Cross activities are primarily geared towards volunteer help, there are some great career opportunities to pursue. These careers lead people to feel a new sense of accomplishment.

Disaster response relief is one of the career choices that you'll find when exploring the Red Cross main website. Once a natural disaster strikes, it is up to Red Cross workers to ensure the safety of everyone who is immediately affected. This career might require you to enter into dangerous situations to help others. For example, after an earthquake, Red Cross first responders work near unstable buildings to assist injured people and animals. Disaster relief also comes in the form of taking calls and relaying key information to police, ambulance workers, and firemen. Decisive action is paramount for success within a disaster response job.

Health and safety is an equally important career choice with the American Red Cross. Most parents understand that it is vital to teach kids about what to avoid in order to stay safe, but they might not be aware of some common household dangers. This career requires you to conduct presentations and seminars for people who wish to learn more about the chemicals that family members should avoid. If they do come into contact with the chemicals, the seminars help people to understand what to do to remove the poisons from the body before paramedics arrive to the scene. Healthy eating and ways to cut down on dangerous eating habits are other aspects to the health and safety career options.

Nursing and transportation are exciting careers to choose. Transportation requires quality drivers who can get to a negatively impacted region as soon as possible. This includes nurses who must be trained to work with patients at the site of a disaster with minimal tools to use. An ability to work under stressful circumstances is a key aspect to becoming successful within this career. The American Red Cross hires and trains people who are able to work under pressure to save lives.